How To Get High PR And Contextual Backlinks

Backlinks are important for any website. Everyone engaged in an online business needs backlinks. However, even more important is being able to get contextual backlinks. These links are highly valued because of their key phrases that are content rich. Search engines rank your webpage or blog on the basis of these keywords, content and the frequency of visit by users. Therefore, getting high PR and contextual backlinks is what you require for making your website popular and known to people. Blogging and article marketing are some of the common ways of getting contextual backlinks. 구글광고대행

The advantage of having blogs is that you are free to post your backlinks for people to see without having to ask for permission or being blocked as a spammer. Similarly, there are several websites offering people the chance to upload their articles for free. In such cases, at the end of every article, you can post your backlink so more people can check out your website creating useful traffic beneficial for your website.

However, when uploading articles or writing blogs in these websites, you must ensure that all of what you write has quality content in them which can impress people. Only then will they be interested to visit again and to your website. Poor content articles will not get you long way in spite of all your efforts. Try to write longer articles so it can hold a larger number of keywords and more likely to be found in the search results produced by search engines. Writing unique content articles is even better.

Once done, you have to proceed with article marketing. The process is similar to article or blog posting. However, public article directories are subject to moderation and therefore require more finesse and better quality articles.

When registering or creating an account for article/blog posting on free websites, you must try to make a note of the PR of each of these websites. High PR websites are more valued for posting contextual backlinks as they are more frequently visited by people. Contextual backlinks are placed on the top of an article on a page and hence are considered more powerful than regular backlinks at the bottom of an article. Having quality blogs helps you create a better network with other high PR blogs and contextual links are more valued. Making too many blogs on newer networks that have lower PR won’t be very beneficial.

Creating high PR and contextual backlinks are done by many SEO companies. Creating backlinks is a tedious and time consuming task. SEO companies offer these services in various packages. They make use of professionals so you can be ensured of greater success. You can also avail of websites where you have to pay for uploading your articles and posting contextual backlinks. These require an initial investment and unless you are sure that it will work or you have the means, it is better to start off with the websites offering these for free.

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